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Red Pools – Live at Blue Rinse 30-10-14

A fantastic audio/video recording by Gustav Thomas and Elvin Brandhi of a Red Pools set I performed for October’s Blue Rinse as part of Newcastle University Music Festival.

Probably the last set of it’s kind, performing material from all three current Red Pools releases. In addition to the music I designed a simple Max for Live patch which filtered the audio that was playing into three bands and turned the amplitude of the three bands into DMX RGB values, creating a very simple but effective light show which responded dynamically to the music using two LED lights, and this can be seen in the video.

Red Pools – Corrugate

After a long gestation period, I have finally released the latest Red Pools album on We Are All Ghosts.

Conceived in the manner of a two-‘sided’ release, Corrugate is two expansive tracks, which expand and contract organically using found song, recorded samples, feedback and dense electroacoustic sculpting mediated through a muscular rhythmic pulse

Red Pools – Live at Blue Rinse

Here is a video of my recent set at Blue Rinse – playing material from Erasal as well as new tracks.

Filmed and recorded by Gustav Thomas

Red Pools – Erasal

‘Three tracks of caustic city-driven technoustica, built from the minutia of old session recordings, hauntological cassette tapes of unknown origin, recombinant soundscapes, extracted percussion, and the processed ghosts of sound objects inhabiting the spaces I come into contact with.

Source material recorded, tracks composed and performed to create this record July 2013-Feb 2014. ‘ – Liner Notes

I have just released some new Red Pools material on the We Are All Ghosts label, three tracks made from sound sources I have recorded over the past year from multiple sources, merging close miced object recordings, harsh digital erosion, resynthesised samples, eroded drum sounds, dictaphone field recordings and found music.

Currently working on a commission for GIFT festival based around Windmill Hills park in gateshead, which is merging in with the Superdream project in Johannesburg in South Africa.

I’ll be presenting a work in progress on the 2nd of May from 8.30PM in the park, which will take the form of a sensor-based audiovisual installation working with field recordings and close object recordings all taken from inside the boundaries of the park.

Red Pools – Knurled Fog/Agerich

A double A-side of claustrophobic, sway-n-bang techno released on We Are All Ghosts in November 2013

‘Two sides of mournful techno … with swaying, claustrophobic atmospheres that gurgle and crackle in a rather delightful manner with murky thumping, quasi-wurlizer, piano recomposition and intercepted transmissions.’