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Red Pools – Corrugate

After a long gestation period, I have finally released the latest Red Pools album on We Are All Ghosts.

Conceived in the manner of a two-‘sided’ release, Corrugate is two expansive tracks, which expand and contract organically using found song, recorded samples, feedback and dense electroacoustic sculpting mediated through a muscular rhythmic pulse

Arborescent – 7/2/14

Supported by Sound and Music, Arborescent comissioned 3 graphic scores from Richard Dawson, Yvette Hawkins and Mawson Kerr, inspired by legendary composer Iannis Xenakis.

Bringing together artists from multiple disciplines, the commissioned artworks were performed by us as per our interpretation and the artists’ directions

Sean Cotterill – Violin & Electronics
John Pope – Double Bass
Mariam Rezaei – Electronics, Tar

Red Pools – Knurled Fog/Agerich

A double A-side of claustrophobic, sway-n-bang techno released on We Are All Ghosts in November 2013

‘Two sides of mournful techno … with swaying, claustrophobic atmospheres that gurgle and crackle in a rather delightful manner with murky thumping, quasi-wurlizer, piano recomposition and intercepted transmissions.’