Sonic Pattern Residency, Access Space

From the 18th-20th November 2015 I took part in a residency at Access Space organised by Alex McLean as part of the Sonic Pattern and the Textility of Code series of events from Inhabiting the Hack.

As part of this residency I worked with sonic, digital and textile artists Magdalena Halay, Nora O Murchú and Toni Buckby. The residency was open-ended, with no set goals other than to investigate ideas surrounding our disciplines and relating them back to the broader themes of Sonic Pattern.

The residency began with a workshop in Tablet Weaving, a technique using rotations of square card to create patterned weaves. By following simple procedures tablet weaving can create interesting geometrical patterns with immediate results (my own weave is pictured). I plan to add to my openFrameworks-based live coding visual software with a programmable emulation of tablet weaving controlled by musical data.

Then the rest of the residency was used to explore particular projects. In my case I collaborated with interdisciplinary textile artist and weaver Toni Buckby, in order to create a gesture tracking glove using Arduino (pictured), which would graph Toni’s weaving hand gestures of the course of a live performance which was being dictated by a second gesture sensor working in tandem with a program written by Toni and Alex McLean. During the performance the glove would also feed data into SuperCollider, and I live-coded the sounds produced in response to Toni’s hand gestures in the context of a larger group improvisation. The graph produced as a result of the performance will then be laser-cut to form a performance artefact (a test pressing is pictured), and possibly source material for further performances.

Through the residency I experimented with the production of performance artefacts and sonic objects through laser cutting, as well as utilising accurate representation of gestures in space using Euler angles derived from accelerometer and gyroscope data (previously I had only used raw values for comparatively rudimentary ways of controlling sound). I also gained experience in weaving techniques and knowledge about textile skills through collaboration with Toni.

Thanks to Alex McLean and everyone at Access Space.

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