co¥ᄀpt, SuperCollider, Vim, Iterm2, Jitter

Inspired by a blog post by Cole Ingraham, I recently decided to revamp my live coding setup.

I had previously been using the SuperCollider IDE to do my live coding, however it had the limitations of not being very extensible, as well as lacking the flexibility of other editors. Using a combination of SuperCollider’s Vim mode, a number of Vim extensions, the apple ITerm2 and its transparency and (in this case) Max/MSP/Jitter fed by SoundFlower, I can not only code more efficiently using multiple windows simultaneously, but I can easily display visuals behind my code, adding to the potentially quite dry ‘pure code’ projection I have previously been using during gigs.

Vim is quite a step for me, and for this performance I had only been using it for a few days. As a result, my performance is a little bit loose. I also am working on developing my own sound-responsive visual setup, so the jitter patch I used for visuals was pulled from here and altered to be changed live (using the code window on the right of the display).

For the next while I will be tuning this setup, as well as writing some code to produce and live-modify visuals. I will be performing for ICLC 2015 using this technique also.

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