Here is the video documentation of the set I performed in as part of Babble at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art alongside Charlie Dearnley, Lauren Vevers and TURC. The performance took the form of a text reading by Charlie and Lauren which I live-processed using SuperCollider, recording snippets of their readings throughout and morphing them into rhythms, tones, repetitions, groans and stutters. Behind this, TURC played a musical accompaniment inspired by their work with dark techno and electronic music.

The performance evolved throughout as Charlie and Lauren’s dialogue became more intense along with TURC’s music, and my live recorded material became more diverse. It culminates in an instrumental section where TURC let rip with a strong rhythmic flow and I performed multiple processes simultaneously on all of the voice samples I had recorded, followed by Charlie and Lauren bringing the performance to a close with a redux of some of the themes presented throughout their text.

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