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‘And all we said was “Saved”!’ – for on-the-fly codepoetry


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photo by RI RV

‘And all we said was “Saved”!’ is a recreation of a set performed at the ‘on-the-fly codepoetry’ event in Leeds at Wharf Chambers, hosted by RI RV on the 25th of January

This live coding set uses a pool of sixteen Public Domain poems, which are cut into lines, and then sequenced from SuperCollider by using Tasks and displayed using Processing as a shifting, live-codeable, generative seven line poem.

I built up the poem over time, adding a task for each line to perform, and as the poem built up I live coded a soundtrack based on words I observed in the fleeting dialogue, and an attempt to capture those words through mimetic sound. This version of the set ascends and descends over half an hour, and when everything has stopped we are left with a final poem, a snapshot of the shifting dialogue seen throughout the set.

The final poem was:


And dead men, dead men,

New fetters on our hoped-for liberty:

Hardening to rage in a flame of chiselled stone,

There came a dreadful, piercing sound,

Far in the hillside camp, in slumber lies

A slow sweet comer,

And all we said was “Saved”!


The poems prepared for the set were:

Aldous Huxley – Stanzas
Charles Baudelaire – The Albatross
Felix Jung – Anemophobia
Felix Jung – Indecision
Laurence Hope – Mahomed Akram’s Appeal to the Stars
Walt Whitman – A Hand-Mirror
Bertolt Brecht – A Worker Reads History
Christina Georgina Rossetti – May
Christina Georgina Rossetti – Tempus Fugit
Elizabeth Jennings – Absence
Ella Wheeler Wilcox – Europe
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson – Saved!
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe – To Originals
Madison Julius Cawein – Imperfection
Paul Cameron Brown – Skootematta
Thomas Fredrick Young – A Dream

The setup code, and the resulting code created during the performance can be downloaded here

State of Grace – Dance City Training Lab 17th-18th January

I was invited back as the musical director for a State of Grace Psychophysical training lab on the weekend of the 17th-18th of January. Focusing on developing emergent narratives through improvisation, A group of performers (dancers, poets, artists) performed in several exercises to develop character-based narratives over the course of two days, leading up to a half-hour open improvisation at the conclusion of the weekend.

For the weekend I was improvising musical dialogues with the performers, engaged in a symbiotic relationship both drawing on and contributing to the physical performance by the group of performers. I used live coding extensively throughout the course of the weekend, using SuperCollider to create organic but very flexible musical structures, with sets of simple rules and mimetic  sound-performance relationships developing and dissolving into and out of complexity over time, all while in direct reaction to the kinds of performative strands occurring at the time.

This video is an edited set of footage taken of the improvisation and events surrounding it by Matt Jamie. The weekend was led by Ben Ayerton and Lizzie Klotz