archo data – Video Glitch Art

archo data is a Youtube channel I will be using to upload databent, glitched and wrecked digital videos. These videos are ones that I have edited with brute force methods such as raw data editing and incorrect format processing. 

The results of these edits are ephemeral by their very nature, and will manifest differently for different programs, codecs and platforms. As such, what I upload to YouTube will not be what I see before I upload it. Once databent in this way the videos become linguistic anomalies of the digital world – and are rendered differently by different platforms, and often make the platforms themselves function incorrectly.

I will be uploading to this channel intermittently, whenever I produce these videos I will upload them.

CAUTION: Due to the nature of how glitches are read by video programs, there are often very loud sounds and flashing lights.

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