Spawn, Thot and Ghast – NUCME Live Electronics – 4th March 2014

My new trio, Spawn Thot and Ghast have played two dates so far this month, once at Northern Improv with the Eliot Smith Dance Company, and once at the NUCME live electronics concert.

Spawn, Thot and Ghast is composed of myself (Spawn) on amplified table, electronics and dictaphones, Thot on electronics, objects and dictaphones and Ghast on voice.

effected upon by objects, processed live using ableton controlled using a Launchpad, EMU Xboard 25 and Behringer BCR2000. The live processing can be used to create simple repetition of material, or can be used to push signal into various sampling procedures producing first, second, third, (…) generation processings of the original sound.

All of this is improvised live using the electronics setup, and is improvised with Ghast and Thot.

Performed in Newcatle University recital room on a 6-channel surround sound system.

We are performing with an updated setup on the 20th as St John’s Church as part of the #UNPITCH_Action_3 /// AEQUUS NOX event

Videography by Gustav Thomas

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