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AKAB / Trakt, Red Pools and Captcha review

Coming up this week, AKAB / Trakt, a performance/short term installation featuring Improv/Noise duo Trans/Human, performance from Nick Kilby and myself doing a multichannel audiovisual performance derived from projected visuals and body sonification, held at The Old Police House on Swinburne place, behind Gateshead Old Town Hall, this friday at 8pm.

Also on saturday I will be opening up for Karen Gwyer (Opal Tapes/No Pain in Pop) at the lit and phil with an audiovisual Red Pools set, featuring reactive visuals and a little spot of spatial improvisation, 8pm
Captcha were also reviewed a while ago in NARC magazine after our performance supporting Trembling Bells and The Horse Loom!



Arborescent – 7/2/14

Supported by Sound and Music, Arborescent comissioned 3 graphic scores from Richard Dawson, Yvette Hawkins and Mawson Kerr, inspired by legendary composer Iannis Xenakis.

Bringing together artists from multiple disciplines, the commissioned artworks were performed by us as per our interpretation and the artists’ directions

Sean Cotterill – Violin & Electronics
John Pope – Double Bass
Mariam Rezaei – Electronics, Tar

Captcha and Felt Beak

Captcha is an improvising duo comprised of myself on electric guitar with preparations and electronics, and Greta Buitkute on vocals.

Described as ‘Sonny and Linda Sharrock meets Hijokaidan’ by SUBTERRANEAN Newcastle, we play improvised, pulverised song forms, with extenuated quasi-jazz, lowercase improv crackling, screeching, screaming and post derek bailey guitar angularity.

We have played shows supporting Trembling Bells, The Horse Loom, Trans/Human and other across various spots in Newcastle.

Captcha - HyperforeignismGreta Buitkutė &amp; Sean Cotterill<br /> DOWNLOAD Hyperforeignism – Released on the Felt Beak label

Captcha - ButyraldahydeGreta Buitkutė &amp; Sean Cotterill<br /> DOWNLOAD Butyraldahyde – Released on the Kakutopia label on Free Music Archive.

I have also performed in and recorded with several ensembles for releases on the Felt Beak label, on various instruments including Violin, Electronics, Mixed Media, Guitar and Voice
Spawn &amp; Thot - No Skoolin’ - All Foolin’Sean &amp; Dario<br /> DOWNLOAD
Spawn and Thot – No Skoolin’ All Foolin (with Dario Lozano-Thornton)

Agatha Christie - Murder In MesopotamiaJwaffer, Gwilly Edmondez, Sean Cotterill &amp; Emily King<br /> DOWNLOAD
Agatha Christie – Murder in Mesopotamia (With jwaffer, Emily King and Gwilly Edmondez)

An Audionce With Ypsmael - The CoffinNorman Ypsmael, Dario Lozano-Thornton, Sean Cotterill, Neil McMahon, Charlie Bramley &amp; Greta Buitkutė<br /> DOWNLOAD
An Audionce with Ypsmael – The Coffin (With Norman Ypsmael, Charlie Bramley, Neil McMahon, Greta Buitkute and Dario Lozano-Thornton)

G.S.D. - ParkingGreta Buitkutė, Sean Cotterill &amp; Dan Dixon<br /> DOWNLOAD
GSD – Parking (With Dan Dixon and Greta Buitkute)

Spawn, Thot and Ghast – NUCME Live Electronics – 4th March 2014

My new trio, Spawn Thot and Ghast have played two dates so far this month, once at Northern Improv with the Eliot Smith Dance Company, and once at the NUCME live electronics concert.

Spawn, Thot and Ghast is composed of myself (Spawn) on amplified table, electronics and dictaphones, Thot on electronics, objects and dictaphones and Ghast on voice.

effected upon by objects, processed live using ableton controlled using a Launchpad, EMU Xboard 25 and Behringer BCR2000. The live processing can be used to create simple repetition of material, or can be used to push signal into various sampling procedures producing first, second, third, (…) generation processings of the original sound.

All of this is improvised live using the electronics setup, and is improvised with Ghast and Thot.

Performed in Newcatle University recital room on a 6-channel surround sound system.

We are performing with an updated setup on the 20th as St John’s Church as part of the #UNPITCH_Action_3 /// AEQUUS NOX event

Videography by Gustav Thomas

Red Pools – Knurled Fog/Agerich

A double A-side of claustrophobic, sway-n-bang techno released on We Are All Ghosts in November 2013

‘Two sides of mournful techno … with swaying, claustrophobic atmospheres that gurgle and crackle in a rather delightful manner with murky thumping, quasi-wurlizer, piano recomposition and intercepted transmissions.’


Feric is an umbrella name under which I create various sound and visual art works, ranging from tactile contact microphone instruments through to site-specific generative noise pieces

I have various one-off audio/visual projects under this name, and I am continually producing new works.

A guerrilla site-specific piece of sound art based on a bespoke semi-generative feedback construction created in Ableton. Source material derived from laptop microphone recordings in Newcastle City Library

Tactile electroacoustic improvisation created from several pre-recorded object samples fed into a generative music setup in Ableton. Manipulated through generations of processing into forced feedback.

Played on zoviet*france A Duck In A Tree 27th April 2013

A Feric Audiovisual work, comprised of several pieces of artwork and two pieces of music composed in mid-2013, this video was created on the 9th of march 2014 (Unfortunately I cannot embed this soundcloud link)

A trial of a tactile contact-microphone instrument. ‘Table Music’ is the precursor for Spawn, Thot and Ghast. A table with attatched contact microphones used with objects to become a tactile malleable instrument